For prospective speakers
Our remit as a group is to provide a technical perspective on issues of sustainability, and our membership is substantially technical. The best received talks are those that address a specific piece of analysis or case study. The more charts the better (see for example this talk by Nest, and this one from LBNL).

Where constrained by intellectual property, we ask our speakers to discuss the details related work from the public domain (see for example this talk by Opower).

Our audience is an enthusiastic collection of data scientists, engineers, product managers, and entrepreneurs, some of whom are job-seeking.

We allot 45 minutes for each talk, plus 10 minutes of chaired questions.

Data Science for Sustainability was formed early in 2013 by Joe Kwiatkowski (EcoFactor) and Adam Rein (Mission Point Capital) to fill a gap in the Silicon Valley meetup scene.

The current organizers are Ben Browne (kWh Analytics), Elissa Goldner (OhmConnect), Jason Kaminsky (kWh Analytics), and Mimi Zhang (Silver Spring Networks/Itron)

Past Organizers:
Sylvia Smullin (Google X)
Puneeth Kalavase (Stem)

Please contact our team at