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An evening about passenger vehicle emissions

Original event:

Dr. Anup Bandivadekar, Passenger Vehicle Program Director at The International Council on Clean Transportation

Dr. Anup Bandivadekar is currently the passenger vehicles program director with the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT). At the ICCT, Dr. Bandivadekar’s work is aimed at reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from passenger vehicles globally. Previously, Anup was a postdoctoral fellow in the Sloan Automotive Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT), where he evaluated vehicle and fuel technologies that can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and petroleum consumption from the U.S. light-duty fleet. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from University of Mumbai and a Master of Science Degree from Michigan Technological University in the field of Mechanical Engineering as well as a Master of Science in Technology and Policy and a Ph.D. in Engineering Systems from MIT.

A billion cars roam the streets around the world. Tracking real-world air pollutant emissions and fuel use of these vehicles is essential to understanding and controlling the public health and climate impacts from these vehicles. This talk will review and compare new and emerging methods used to characterize emissions from motor vehicle fleets operating in real-world conditions, as well as the challenges associated with analyzing the data. As a case study, the talk will dive deeper into the role of such measurements in uncovering the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal, as well as the continuing global fallout and policy implications emerging from the so called Dieselgate.