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An Evening with TomKat Ranch and Point Blue Conservation Science

Original event:

Kevin Watt, Integrated Land and Livestock Manager at TomKat Ranch and Nathaniel Seavy, Research Director of the Pacific Coast and Central Valley Group at Point Blue Conservation Science

TomKat Ranch uses agricultural practices that seek to sustain farms, resources and communities by promoting farming practices and methods that are profitable, environmentally sound and good for communities. Point Blue Conservation Science is a non-profit organization working to advance the conservation of birds, other wildlife and ecosystems through science, partnerships and outreach. TomKat and Point Blue Conservation Science are working together to discover and share the demonstrable benefits of regenerative ranch management. We have a unique opportunity to hear about this project from both ends of the spectrum: whats happening on the ranch to what is happening in the lab!

During this talk, Kevin will discuss the work at TomKat Ranch. This will include conversations about management, conservation, monitoring, early results, and efforts to support the scaling and democratization of regenerative ranching. Nathaniel will then discuss how Point Blue’s Rangeland Monitoring Network has been designed to measure the ecological function of rangelands and increase communication and collaboration among managers across California. His talk will describe some of the challenges and opportunities associated with collecting, analyzing, and sharing ecological data on California rangelands.

About our speakers:

Kevin Watt serves as the Integrated Land and Livestock Manager at TomKat Ranch in Pescadero, California. His work focuses on discovering and sharing the demonstrable benefits of regenerative rangeland management and the creation of tools and technologies that empower land stewards to efficiently and effectively work with complex natural systems.

Nathaniel Seavy is the Research Director of the Pacific Coast and Central Valley Group at Point Blue Conservation Science ( ( Nat received his Ph.D. in zoology from the University of Florida in 2006. At Point Blue, much of Nat’s research has focused on climate change, ecological monitoring, and the ecology and conservation of ecosystems in California. Nat helps to oversee the science of Point Blue’s Rangeland Monitoring Network.