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Californian’s Response to Drought Messaging [SLIDES]

William Holleran, Data Scientist, WaterSmart Software

Water utilities across California have approached the drought with varying conservation measures and pricing strategies. The media reports thus far have focused on utility production level data, but have not accounted for economic growth or population changes within a district. Using WaterSmart’s residential consumption level dataset we will explore the impact of each of those actions on usage changes since Gov. Brown’s 20% reduction request while using an average Gallons per Day metric. We will explore questions relating to the impact water supply perceptions have on drought responses. Are there regional differences in how people are responding to the drought? What types of households are ignoring the drought messaging?

Will is the head Data Scientist at the behavioral water efficiency company, WaterSmart Software. He spends his time designing experiments to improve the effectiveness of the program at WaterSmart, applying machine learning techniques to improve WS’s comparison algorithm, and providing insights to better inform individuals about how they use water. WaterSmart has partnered with numerous researchers to answer a variety of questions to better understand the economics of water conservation. Will spent 4 years evaluating EE programs before joining WaterSmart, specializing in Demand Response and Social Comparison (including Opower) evaluations. Will has a Master’s in Applied Economics from UC Santa Cruz and a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Bucknell University.

Slides attached below.
Joe Kwiatkowski,
Sep 4, 2014, 6:08 PM