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Driving Behavior Change with Energy Insights [SLIDES]

Erik Shilts and Ben Packer, Data Scientists @ Opower

We will discuss specific energy insights that Opower uses to change behaviors worldwide, such as energy disaggregation, normative comparisons, M&V, and smart thermostat capabilities. At Opower, we’re applying cutting edge data science to one of humanity’s greatest challenges: Energy. Our utility customers in the U.S. and abroad give us energy usage data for tens of millions of their customers which we then analyze and aggregate using the latest software technology to motivate consumers to use less energy. The Opower Data Science team develops new methodologies for measuring our impact, developing insights, and translating these nuggets of wisdom into data driven business decisions and product features.

Presentation attached below.
Joe Kwiatkowski,
Jan 12, 2014, 5:33 PM