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Energy Disaggregation Demystified [SLIDES]

Ye He, PhD, Senior Data Scientist, Bidgely

Energy disaggregation technology is often perceived as academic and abstract. There is also lack of public domain information on the techniques used in practice. We will provide a peek into the information content in energy consumption data gathered at various intervals, some examples of specific patterns that are leveraged and provide insights into factors that control accuracy at Bidgely. We will also touch upon some interesting applications that the technology can unlock at Bidgely.

Ye joined Bidgely in April 2012 as the first data scientist and one of the early employees. Ye works on energy disaggregation, energy forecasting, signal processing and data analytics to help develop better insight for customers. Prior to joining Bidgely Ye completed a Ph.D in Applied Physics at Stanford University, focusing on the performance modeling of optical components and materials.
Joe Kwiatkowski,
Jul 2, 2015, 8:02 AM