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Measuring Energy Savings and Other Data Analysis Challenges at Nest [SLIDES]

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Michael Blasnik, Senior Building Scientist, Nest

Nest has become the poster child for energy efficiency from the connected home. This talk will start with a brief overview of the Nest Learning Thermostat's features and approach to saving energy and then describe how Nest has assessed the energy savings being achieved by its customers. The discussion will focus on issues and challenges in evaluating residential energy savings in general as well as thermostats in particular. Other data science issues at Nest may also be discussed if time permits.

Michael Blasnik is the senior building scientist at Nest Labs where he analyzes mountains of data to help assess and improve thermostat algorithms and works on projects to evaluate real world energy savings. Prior to joining Nest, he spent nearly 30 years researching how homes use and save energy -- conducting building science research projects and performing studies on retrofit energy savings including assessing national savings from DOE's low-income Weatherization Assistance Program. He invented zonal pressure diagnostics, an advanced infiltration diagnostic procedure, and developed a simplified building energy simulation model.
Joe Kwiatkowski,
Dec 6, 2015, 4:34 PM