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Quantifying savings from solar and storage: data and analytics [SLIDES]

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Ali Chehrehsaz, co-founder and EVP of Operations, TerraVerde

Behind the meter solar installations are a great way to reduce electricity usage and help customers save on electricity costs. However, with the continuously changing electric rate structures, customers in the commercial and industrial sector have experienced erosion of total electricity bill savings as demand (kW) charges continue to rise at a faster pace than usage (kWh) charges. Fortunately, with the commercialization of battery technologies, customers now have the ability to reduce building electricity demand in a more effective way than just with solar. This presentation will provide an insight into measurement and verification for behind the meter combined solar and battery installations. The discussion will focus on how electric utilities calculate electricity bills for commercial and industrial customers, the challenges in data collection and analysis for evaluation of solar and battery performance and true savings verification.

Ali Chehrehsaz is the co-founder and Executive Vice President of Operations at TerraVerde. He leads the engineering, development, and asset management teams at TerraVerde with the mission to help customers develop energy savings projects by deploying solar, battery, and energy efficient technologies. Ali has a background in Mechanical Engineering and has been in the energy sector for over ten years with experience in solar, storage, energy efficiency, and oil sands processing.
Joe Kwiatkowski,
Feb 29, 2016, 9:27 AM