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Realizing the Promise of Microgrids with Data and Analytics

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Arti Garg, PhD, Director of Data and Analytics, Station A

Electric microgrids with a high penetration of renewable energy generation promise an electricity future that is clean, resilient, and able to best serve the needs of electricity consumers. Modern data infrastructure and analytics approach serve a critical role in optimizing the design and control of these systems to allow them to best use available renewable resources and operate cost-effectively. My talk will begin with a brief overview of NRG’s Innovation Department, Station A, efforts toward developing these systems. I will then discuss many of the data-related challenges we are working toward overcoming in both the data management and analytics areas.

Arti is the Director of Data & Analytics at NRG’s Station A. Prior to joining Station A she was an early member of GE's Industrial Data Science team. She also has extensive experience working at the nexus of federal policy and science and technology including overseeing the Department of Energy's early stage R&D programs for the White House Budget Office. She holds a PhD in physics from Harvard University and an MS in Aerospace Engineering and bachelor's degrees in physics and English from Stanford University.