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Scaling renewable energy: A perspective from Google

Sam Arons, Energy Program Manager, Google Inc.

The renewable energy industry has made great strides in cost reduction and market expansion over the past years, but for companies like Google with a carbon-neutrality commitment and a 100% renewable energy goal, getting there will require further innovations in technology, business models, contractual structures, and data availability. This talk will explore some of the ways Google is working to help expand the market for renewable energy.

For the past seven years, Sam has held a variety of roles at Google focused on sustainability and renewable energy. As a member of the Global Infrastructure team, he helps lead the development and implementation of the company's global renewable energy strategy by sourcing, analyzing, and helping to negotiate renewable energy deals to power Google's datacenters. Recent examples include a 407 MW wind deal in Iowa, an agreement for 239 MW of wind in Texas, and a 72 MW wind agreement in Sweden. Prior to joining Google, Sam earned a BA in Physics from Williams College and an MS in Energy and Resources from UC Berkeley, where his research focused on wind energy and plug-in vehicles, respectively.

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