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Solar Project Finance: The opportunities of Data Languages and Analytics [SLIDES]

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Jon Previtali, VP of Environmental Finance, Wells Fargo

Jason Kaminsky, Vice President, kWh Analytics

This talk will address the role of data in financing and managing solar projects. Come to learn more about the trends in the solar industry, the sources and uses of data, and the opportunities and challenges presented by today's industry structure. Jon will provide an overview on the benefits of common, open source XML taxonomies in the construction, energy and transportation industries, such as XBRL, IEP and BuildingSync (based on BEDES). Jason will discuss the role that analytics plays in the industry from the perspective of an independent risk management firm.

Jon Previtali is a Vice President of Environmental Finance at Wells Fargo, with a focus on investing in solar projects on behalf of the bank. He is a former engineer at Black & Veatch and product manager at SunEdison.

Jason Kaminsky is the Vice President of Partnerships at kWh Analytics and works with the investment community on how to leverage data analytics to enhance their risk management practices. He used to work at Wells Fargo with Jon in the solar practice, and previously spent time at SPG Solar, a regional solar developer.
Joe Kwiatkowski,
May 7, 2015, 6:55 PM