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Surprising Results from Residential Smart Meter Analysis: It's the Plug Loads [SLIDES]

Original event:

Steve Schmidt, Founder & CEO of Home Energy Analytics, Inc.

Smart meters provide unprecedented access to home energy data, but interpreting and presenting the data in a meaningful way is challenging. HEA's online service quickly and accurately diagnoses areas of energy waste, providing a triage service for residents and energy consultants looking for cost effective ways to reduce their bills. The talk will provide an overview of the tool and summarize findings from over 1,000 homes analyzed through the free Energy Upgrade Mountain View program, demonstrating the importance of plug loads over heating and cooling loads in many homes.

Steve has engineering and business degrees from Stanford and is experienced in electronic design automation, software development, residential energy use and greenhouse gas inventories. He can't personally run Matlab or R, but HEA's first web version was modeled after his 150-page Excel workbook in 2009.

Steve's slide deck is attached below (Data Slides 5Mar14.pdf)

The evening was opened by Daniel Roesler with a lightning talk on 'How Smart Meters Can Ruin Distributed Generation' (LightningTalk_DanielRoesler.pdf).
Joe Kwiatkowski,
Mar 6, 2014, 3:01 PM
Joe Kwiatkowski,
Mar 10, 2014, 7:45 AM