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Taming the Energy Frontier: Virtual Power Plants

Dr. Sunil Ahuja, Data Scientist, and Dr. Tommer Wizansky, Principal Engineer and Data Scientist, Autogrid

The energy landscape is becoming increasingly complex with the influx of distributed supply, unpredictable renewable energy, and controllable demand. Utilities and grid operators are finding it increasingly difficult to manage and optimize these resources, while maintaining a reliable grid and a reliable supply of energy to the end user. The solution to this problem lies in reliable software and sophisticated analytics, which is used to forecast, optimize and dispatch these disparate energy sources. We will discuss AutoGrid's solution to this problem -- the AutoGrid virtual power plant (VPP).

Sunil Ahuja is a data scientist at AutoGrid, where he is involved in energy-related analytics projects such as demand response, electricity theft detection, and optimization within the VPP. Sunil received a PhD in mechanical engineering from Princeton in 2009 and has since worked in the energy and aerospace sectors.

Tommer Wizansky is a principal engineer and data scientist with AutoGrid Systems, leading the development of AutoGrid's virtual power plant. Tommer received his Ph.D in physics from Stanford in 2008 and has since held engineering positions in the energy and financial sectors.
Joe Kwiatkowski,
Oct 10, 2016, 8:25 AM