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Targeting residential efficiency programs based on the drivers of demand

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Sylvia Smullin, Physicist at PARC

In regulated markets, utilities are required to implement programs that result in a reduction of their customers' energy consumption. In competitive markets, utilities have a strong incentive to build customer loyalty by helping their customers understand and manage energy consumption. In either case, there is large value to be gained by a utility by understanding why some customers use more energy than others for certain appliances.

Building on energy usage data, PARC's EE-Scope is an analytics tool for utilities to design, target, and evaluate residential energy efficiency incentive and rebate programs. Leveraging physics modeling and comparative statistics, EE-Scope metrics show the likely structural and behavioral reasons why some consumers use more energy than others for certain appliances. With EE-Scope, utilities can offer the right incentives to the right customers, boosting customer service and achieving energy savings at a lower cost than existing random or first-come first-serve offerings.

We will show examples of how the tool works and discuss the R&D framework.

Sylvia Smullin is a researcher in energy systems at PARC, working on analytics and hardware projects focused on developing better ways to manage, use, and produce energy. Prior to joining PARC, Sylvia worked with small companies developing novel clean energy solutions such as high altitude wind-power, a hybrid Stirling-thermoacoustic engine, and an adsorption chiller. She has a Ph.D. in physics from Stanford University where she measured gravity at short distances to test theories of extra dimensions.