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The Business Case for Big Data in Sustainability

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Amit Narayan, CEO, AutoGrid

Big Data to date has been used in Business-to-Consumer industries to tailor recommendations for products, prices, and personal information for individuals. Data is now being generated in greater volumes that ever before from all industries, including the electrical grid. Information from connected nodes on the smart grid, including meters sensors, building management systems and intelligent endpoints, are providing new opportunities for the Big Data algorithms that have been applied to other industries to make a huge impact in terms of sustainability and also cost savings. From both power providers’ and power users’ perspectives, the impact of smarter energy management has almost immediate ROI, especially now that sophisticated software applications are able to upgrade the capabilities of legacy hardware and handle massive volumes of granular, real-time data. Throughout the value chain, utilities, energy retailers, ESCOs and customers can benefit from the information provided by predictive analytics and Big Data.

Dr. Amit Narayan is the Founder and CEO of AutoGrid, Inc. From 2010 to 2012, he was the Director of Smart Grid Research in Modeling & Simulation at Stanford University, where he continues to lead an interdisciplinary project related to modeling, optimization and control of the electricity grid and associated electricity markets. Prior to founding AutoGrid, Dr. Narayan was the Vice President of Products at the publicly traded company Magma Design Automation, Inc. (Nasdaq: LAVA), where he led the product development and product management teams responsible for Magma’s flagship product in the design implementation area. Over one third of all semiconductor chips used in consumer electronic devices — such as smart phones, blue-ray players and video games — were designed using products developed by Dr. Narayan’s team at Magma. Prior to joining Magma, Dr. Narayan founded Berkeley Design Automation, Inc. (BDA), a venture-backed company in analog and radio-frequency semiconductor design software and served as its founding CEO and later Vice President of Engineering, responsible for all research and product development activities, as well as customer engagements. Under Dr. Narayan’s leadership, BDA saw its products adopted by over 100 semiconductor companies in the world (including 20 out of the top 25). For his work at BDA, Dr. Narayan’s received the EDN’s “Innovation for the Year” award in 2006. Dr. Narayan received his B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur and Ph.D. from University of California at Berkeley. He has published over 25 papers about design automation, holds seven U.S. patents and is an active advisor to several startup companies in the Bay Area.